Byzantine philosophy is still one of the less known periods in the history of philosophy. There is no doubt that, in order for Byzantine philosophy to be properly studied and appreciated, what is foremost needed is a Sourcebook of Byzantine Philosophy, which collects the principal and most representative texts of Byzantine thinkers in an accessible and reliable edition with translation.

The Sourcebook of Byzantine Philosophy (SBPh) will contain selected Byzantine philosophical texts in the original and in English translation, as well as comments that place these texts in their historical context and provide a philosophical analysis of them. The selected texts will cover the period from the 8th to the 15th century and raise interesting points in the areas of logic, theory of knowledge, metaphysics, natural philosophy, psychology, ethics and politics.

We hope that this Sourcebook will become an indispensable reference work that can initiate more study of Byzantine philosophy and help us to reveal its particular character, which combines the ancient philosophical traditions with the Christian faith of the Byzantine thinkers.

The Research Team

  • Katerina Ierodiakonou
  • Pantelis Golitsis
  • Ioannis Papachristou
  • Dafni Argyri