Dafni Argyri

Research Team Member
PhD candidate


  • Ph.D. candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva
    Ph.D. dissertation: Memory and Recollection in the Aristotelian Commentators
    SNSF Research Project: Theories of Cognition in the Aristotelian Commentators
  • M.A., History and Philosophy of Science,
    National and Kapodistrian University of Athens / National Technical University of Athens (interdisciplinary programme)
  • B.A., Classical Studies, Faculty of Philosophy – Dept. of Linguistics, University of Athens2004-2010

Research Programmes

  • Academy of Athens, Research Centre for Greek Philosophy
    Research Associate: “The fragments of Cleanthes the Stoic”
  • Academy of Athens, Research Centre for Greek Philosophy
    Research Associate: “Aristotle’s Prior Analytics A”

Conferences And Talks

  • Conférence Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale (CUSO) - Doctoral School in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
    “Alexander of Aphrodisias on What Memory is not”
    2nd Central European Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy, Charles University, Prague
    “Memory in Alexander of Aphrodisias”
    11/ 2019
  • St Andrews Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy 2019, University of St Andrews, Scotland
    “Memory’s relation to the soul in Alexander of Aphrodisias”
    10/ 2019
  • Leeds International Medieval Congress -Special Thematic Strand: Memory
    “Visual Memory in the Late Antique and Byzantine World”
    8/ 2018
  • Memory and recollection in antiquity, Research Centre for the Humanities
    “Commenting on Aristotelian memory: A Byzantine interpretation”
    11/ 2017
  • 4th Panhellenic Conference of Philosophy of Science, University of Athens
    “Memory and recollection in Michael of Ephesus”
    12/ 2016
  • 2nd Panhellenic Conference of Philosophy for post-graduate and PhD students, University of Athens
    “Mnemonic problems in Aristotle’s De Memoria”
    10/ 2016
  • 3rd Collegio Ghislieri Graduate Conference in the History of Philosophy
    “The concept of Nature in Aristotle’s Politics I”
    10/ 2016
  • Perception, Reason and Desire in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
    “Memory in Michael of Ephesus”
    9/ 2016
  • Michael of Ephesus, Commentator and Philosopher
    Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany
    “Michael of Ephesus on Memory”
    9/ 2016


  • Princeton’s Classical Philosophy Summer Workshop 2018 (Naxos)2018
  • Lessons in Greek Palaeography
    Historichal and Palaeographical Archive
  • Princeton’s Classical Philosophy Summer Workshop 2016 (Syros)
    “Aristotle, Politics, Book I”
  • Princeton’s Classical Philosophy Summer Workshop 2015 (Syros)
    “Aristotle’s Physics, Book IV”
  • Princeton’s Classical Philosophy Summer Workshop 2014 (Spetses)
    “Aristotle’s Parts of Animals, Book I”
  • The Republic and the Citizen: short-term educational programme for adults, Plato Academy, University of Athens
    Philosophy and modern points of view (Philosophy and Language, Philosophy and Art, Philosophy and Politics, Philosophy and Psychology)
  • Philosophical lectures: Readings of classical texts, Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music, Athens
    Plato: Phaedo, Symposium; Plotinus: Sixth Ennead; Nietzsche: On the genealogy of morals, Beyond Good and Evil; Heidegger: Being and Time
  • Courses of the Free University, ‘Stoa tou Vivliou’
    Literature, Sociology, Language, History, Cosmology etc.

Scholarships And Distinctions

  • Erasmus Programme, University of Birmingham, UK
    Learning Mobility, State Scholarships Foundation
  • Honorable Scholarship of Distinction, School of Philology,
    University of Athens, State Scholarships Foundation